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Competitive Travel Age Chart


Age Group Eligibility Information on the Competitive Travel 2015-2016 Season

Dear Parents and Coaches,

On the bottom of this page you will find a link to this year's NYS age chart.  Every year parents and coaches alike have questions about the proper placement of children according to their age and grade. If you have questions please contact the Competitive Travel director at or the NYS registrar at

How to read the chart:

  1. Locate your child’s birth month and then read across to your child’s birth year.
  2. The U number is your child’s playing age.

NOTE: If your child has an August birthday they are allowed to play with their classmates.  If however your child has a July birthday they must play with the older age group regardless of their grade due to MYSA and NYS regulations.  For Example a child born in August, but who is in the 2nd grade is allowed to play U8 to be with classmates instead of U7.  Conversely, a child born in July must play U8 regardless of their grade.

Additionally we have provided an excerpt from the Norton Youth Soccer Association by-laws that describes NYS’s age and eligibility rules. 


6.2.1 Player Age Eligibility - Each player must participate in his or her appropriate Player Age group as defined by the MYSA age chart. No player will be allowed to play up or down in age. If teams are formed for single ages, players must meet the age definition. If teams are formed for double ages, the players must fall within one of the age groups. For example, if a team is classified as U12 and there is no U11 team, the U11 players would play on the U12 team. ( - Exceptions to the recommended Age Groups - The recommended age groups, as defined by MYSA, allow the majority of the players to play competitive soccer with their schoolmates.  Those players whose birthdays fall outside of the MYSA guidelines may elect to tryout for the team whose roster is comprised of players who are in the same school grade.  For example, a fifth grader who has an August birthday (and who falls into the recommended U10 bracket) may tryout for the U11 team to be able to compete with their friends. 

The player wishing to tryout for the next older age group must submit a request to the NYS Board, requesting permission to tryout with the older team, signed by the player and their parent(s).  Their signatures will indicate their acknowledgement and understanding that there is an added risk involved and that placement is not guaranteed.

 Click here for this season's age group chart.

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