Fall 2013 Rec Season


Fall 2013 Recreational Season

Norton Youth Soccer has over 600 players playing on 56 teams this season. If you are trying to register your child, click here.

Rosters have been emailed out to all coaches and parents. Coaches should be calling parents and players shortly. Some items to note:
  • Opening Day is Saturday, September 7th. Game and practice schedules will be available shortly.
  • This is a recreational league, no scores or standings are kept.
  • Practice Schedule:  Click here for the practice schedule. Click here for a team list. Click here for the field map. 
  • Game Schedule:  Click here for the game schedule. Click here for a team list. Click here for the field map.
  • Please note that dogs are not allowed on the fields!!
  • NYS will cancel games. Please check the NYS website for game cancellations. Coaches will/may cancel practices.
  • Family Fun Day is Saturday, September 14. Picture Day is Saturday, September 21.
  • Referee Training: The session for all NEW referees will be on Wed 9/4 from 7-9. Attendees should be there at 6:45, Yelle cafeteria. The session for RETURNING referees will be on Thurs 9/5 from 7-8:30. Attendees should be there at 6:45, Yelle cafeteria. The criteria for NEW referees is as follows: MUST have played competitive soccer for Norton United this past Spring, and MUST be in the U13 age group (must be born on or before 7/31/2001) or older. If a NEW referee meets the above criteria, and holds a current USSF license, they do not need to attend the training session, but should e-mail referee@nortonyouthsoccer.org to indicate interest in refereeing this fall.
  • Shin guards are mandatory. Soccer cleats (not baseball or football) and mouth guards are recommended.
  • Drinks are the player's responsibility.
  • Each player will be provided with a ball. They are to bring it to every practice.
  • Jewelry of any kind is prohibited from being worn to practices or games.  This includes (but is not limited to) earrings, hard barrettes or headbands, rings, bracelets (including Livestrong-type rubber bracelets), and watches. The only pieces of jewelry that are allowed are Medic Alert bracelets/necklaces which must be taped down (either to the wrist, back or chest). These restrictions on jewelry are the same that are in place for US Youth Soccer, Mass Youth Soccer, and all affiliated leagues. Taping over of earrings is not an acceptable alternative. Eyeglasses and sunglasses are allowed if they are prescription in nature.

Volunteer Info:  When you registered your child, many of you elected to volunteer in order to receive a $20 credit (per family) at the end of the season. Volunteer schedules are being created. Please note that on your day of volunteering you will need to sign your name on the sign in sheet at the concession stand in order to receive credit for service. If you have any questions, click here to contact the NYS volunteer coordinator. If you have questions the day of service, please go to the concession stand and contact a board member.

If you have any general questions regarding the Fall Rec season, click here to contact the Rec League Coordinator or email fallrecleague@nortonyouthsoccer.org