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Fall Rec Referee Schedule


Norton Youth Soccer
Referee Schedule for Week 8
October 30, 2010
Age Group Time Field   Referee Name     Referee Name  
U12 Boys 9:15AM Field 3   Taylor McLaughlin     Jonathan Lach  
U10 Girls 9:30AM Field 7 Mary Daly   Luke Ayers  
U12 Boys 9:30AM Field 6   Kevin O'Leary     Andrew Steele    
U15 9:30AM Field 4 Dan Sugar   Cody Shannon  
U8 Boys 10:15AM Field 5   Alex Buchan     Kyle Wood  
U8 Girls 10:15AM Field 1 Erin Cantwell   Catherine Conroy  
U8 Girls 10:15AM Field 2   Allie Freedman     Sarah King  
U10 Girls 10:15AM Field 3 Christine Tamulis   Sarah Goldberg  
U10 Boys 10:30AM Field 6   Sean Murphy     Jason O'Neil  
U10 Boys 10:30AM Field 7 Brandon Jenkins   Victoria Jenkins  
U15 10:30AM Field 4   Dan Sugar     Cody Shannon  
U12 Girls 11:15AM Field 3 Aidan Kahn   Jared Kahn  
U8 Boys 11:15AM Field 1   Lucas Lavallee     Colin O'Leary  
U8 Boys 11:15AM Field 2 Kasey Sharpe   Ryan Gill    
U8 Girls 11:15AM Field 5   Anthony Cafalone     David Delea  
U10 Girls 11:30AM Field 6 Matt Loranger   Christian Secher  
U15 11:30AM Field 4   Dan Sugar     Evan Winfield  
U12 Girls 11:30AM Field 7 Alison Dufault   Abby Greene  
U10 Boys 12:15PM Field 3   Jacob Pereira     Kevin Sheridan  
U8 Boys 12:15PM Field 5 Caeley Whalen   Kat Saba  
U8 Boys 12:15PM Field 2   Ryan Blakeley     Caroline Golota  
U8 Girls 12:15PM Field 1 Kyla Prosper   Brittany Byrnes  
U12 Boys 12:30PM Field 7   Ben Belinsky     Mackenzie Whalen
U12 Girls 12:30PM Field 6 Tyler Hughes   Joe O'Malley  
U10 Girls 1:15PM Field 3   Anya DiLorenzo     Olivia Giatrelis  

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