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Forekicks Session 2 Standings


U8 Girls - Anderson

U8 Girls - Schepis

U9 Girls - Moniz

U10 Girls - Blakeley

U10 Girls - Janineh

U11 Girls - Phillips

U11 Girls - Tatarczuk

U12 Girls - Moniz

U13 Girls - Fong

U13 Girls - Baptista

U14 Girls - Whitman

U16 Girls - Almeida

U8 Boys - Breckner

U9 Boys - Chirichello/Cohen

U10 Boys - Hughes

U10 Boys - Clapp

U11 Boys - Eno

U11 Boys - Carlson

U13 Boys - Pereira

U14 Boys - Scarpetti

U15 Boys - Murphy

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