Competitive Travel

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Click here for a description of the NYS competitive travel tryouts. If you have any questions about the NYS competitive travel program, you can email the NYS Competitive Travel Director, at

Click here for the 2015-2016 Competitive Travel tryout schedule.

Click here for the current year's age chart and important information on age eligibility.

Click here for boys rosters. Click here for girls rosters.

Click here for info on competitive travel uniforms, backpack, and other apparel at the NYS Store.

Game and Practice Facilities (for coaches)

Click here to request practice time.  ** No dogs allowed **.
Click here for a list of indoor game and practice facilities.

League Info, Schedules and Standings

South Coast Soccer League South Coast Handbook
Gotsoccer Coach Login
GotSoccer Score Reporting
Gotsoccer User Guides

Schedule and Standings
Norton Middle School Field Map
NMS Field Setup and Breakdown Schedule
South Coast Fields

Forekicks - Norfolk
Forekicks - Taunton
Schedule and Standings
Schedule and Standings
Wide World of Indoor Sports Schedules and Standings  
Sherwood Ultra Sports Leagues