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Fall Rec Volunteer Positions

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the positions below, click here to email Norton Youth Soccer or send email to Several of the positions below can also be selected during the Fall recreational online registration.

To contact a volunteer directly, click on their email address.

Fall Recreation Program Description Contact Name Email
Volunteer Coordinator
Coordinate scheduling of volunteer duties in support of the concession stand. The stand pays for all referee and reduces the cost for all families. Volunteers support the concession, clothing and candy set-up, lunch and closing. Also serve as the primary contact for the Norton High School volunteer program.

Age Group Coordinator
Provides direction to coaches in each age group section. AGCs pick teams based on player ratings from the previous year. Communication includes player adds, player drops, cancellations, and key activities such as picture day and food pantry collection.

Maintain inventory, work with volunteers in support of setup, lunch and closing of concession stand. Each shift is typically 2 hours.

Take part in grill setup, cooking of grill items (hot dogs and hamburgers), closing of grill. Each shift is typically 2 hours.

Family Fun Day
Help setup or staff activities at Family Fun Day in September
Jeff Sihpol Click here to email
Clothing Stand
Staff clothing stand and manage sales of NYS items. Each shift is typically 2 hours.

Field Cleanup
Ensure the fields are litter-free. Tie up trash and bring trash to dumpsters. Assist with closing of the concession stand. Each shift is typically 1 hour on game days.

Field Setup
Duties include pre-season field preparation (typically 1 day) or game day field setup including placement of nets, flags, and possibly lining of fields. Weekly field setup is typically 1 hour at 8am.

Help sort coach's equipment bags. This takes place 1 day before the season starts and takes a few hours.

Provide an atmosphere of team work, leadership, skills training and physical education. Ensure equal support of all children regardless of skill. Play children in all positions. Maintain key communication with parents.

Assistant Coach
Support the coach in providing an atmosphere of teamwork, leadership, skills training and physical education. Ensure equal support of all children regardless of skill. Play children in all positions. Maintain communication with parents.

League Referees At the direction of the Referee Coordinator, learn and reinforce the rules of the game while maintaining a clear focus on creating a fun, safe and recreational environment for all players.

Referee Coordinator
Responsible for scheduling and payment of referees. Provide on-going training and support to referees and coaches. Mike Tavares Click here to email
Equipment Manager
Coordinate the ordering of all equipment. Maintain an inventory. Coordinate coaches bags and delivery of equipment for all coaches. Jamie Breckner
Click here to email
Clothing Stand Manager
Coordinate the inventory, ordering and sale of merchandise through the clothing stand and the website. Jodi Cross Click here to email

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