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The Norton U9 boys won the U9/10 division at Forekicks Taunton, going undefeated and prevailing 4-1 over our NYS U10 boys B team in an "all Norton" championship game.

U9 Boys (Hassey) Champions

The Norton United U11 Boys won their 6th championship on Tuesday January 14th by winning the U12 Boys Division Championship at Forekicks Taunton. Congratulations to an incredible team of NYS players that will never, ever give up!

U11 Boys (O'Brien) Champions

And in another all Norton championship game, the U11 girls team captured their 3rd championship by capturing the Forekicks Taunton U11/12 girls championship over the U12 girls B team. The U11 girls went 7-1-0 in the division scoring 50 goals while holding opponents to 10 including the playoffs.

U11 Girls (Moniz) - Champions

U12 Girls (Janineh) Finalists

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