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The November General Meeting for Norton Youth Soccer is scheduled for Wednesday, November 10th, 7:00pm at the Yelle School cafeteria. Topics for discussion include a wrap-up of the Fall Recreational season, Competitive Travel soccer, field restoration update, the upcoming U6-U8 indoor program, and any other organizational issues suggested by the attendees. Next Spring, we will likely lose several valued and dedicated board members so it is imperative that new board members come up through the ranks so that we can continue providing quality programs for our young soccer players. Attending the General Meetings is an important step in getting more involved.

We’re not sure if it’s happened before, but we were a perfect 9 for 9 for Fall Rec Saturday’s. If you have any feedback on the season, you can provide it at the General Meeting or send email to fa ... @nortonyouthsoccer.org. The Board also hopes that everyone enjoyed their time on the renovated fields. Please note that the renovated fields will be closed until next Spring when we will, for the first time in many years, be hosting true home games for South Coast Soccer League play. The Board is asking that you stay off of the fields as well as ask others to leave if you happen upon unauthorized use. Remember, these are your fields too and are reserved for Norton Youth Soccer use.

We are closer than ever to fully restoring all of the fields. A new well was drilled last month yielding very good water pressure. Phase 2 cost to date is $5,930 for the well drilling and about $200 in supplies. Our plan is to install irrigation lines this Fall to one of the fields, possibly Field 8 (11v11 field furthest to the right). We will also be looking at installing electrical service to the well. All told, we are probably looking at another $15,000 in short-term costs. To keep the momentum full steam ahead, we’re pulling out all the stops fundraising-wise. NYS recently transferred the proceeds from Picture Day ($1,380.83) to the Field Restoration account. NYS would also like to thank the 35 NYS soccer families who participated in the Chateau field fundraiser netting $279.61. Another fundraiser from last month at Montione’s Bakery will be adding to the total. Each Saturday, it was very heartening to see all the donations in the field collection jar. Also, if your child is a competitive travel player, you will be given an opportunity to contribute at a Gold ($50), Silver ($25), or Bronze ($10) level at registration. Contributors will be recognized on the NYS website once registration closes. Finally, if you would like to donate in other ways such as materials, services, or volunteer in some capacity, please contact NYS at ny ... @nortonyouthsoccer.org.

NYS plans to again offer our popular U6-U8 Indoor Program. These one-hour games will run for 6 weeks on Sundays starting this Sunday. A second session will be considered if there is enough interest. Each hour consists of 15 minutes of practice and a 40-minute scrimmage. This is a recreational division available to any U6 to U8 player not on a competitive team. The cost is $60. All games will be played at the Taunton Boys and Girls Club. Space is limited and available on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested, go to the U6-U8 Indoor Program page of the NYS website for more info. To reserve a spot or if you have any questions, you can send email to the program coordinator, Melissa Miller, at u6 ... @nortonyouthsoccer.org.

While all the attention has been on the Fall Recreational season, the NYS Board has been busy with the upcoming Competitive Travel season. Teams were selected through tryouts in September with each team playing other towns in the Winter and Spring months. Many teams have already begun play indoors in Norfolk and N. Smithfield RI. If you have any questions about this program, you can send email to our Competitive Travel Director, Gerald Kimber White, at co ... @nortonyouthsoccer.org

If you have any ideas or suggestions for NYS, please contact us at ny ... @nortonyouthsoccer.org
Posted by NYS Registrar, Created Wed Nov 10, 2010